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Season 3, Episode 2: A chat with Jacob Thorpe and Jen Greeny

We spend a lot of good time on the football team and its fall camp with Spokesman-Review beat writer Jacob Thorpe before moving on to a chat with WSU volleyball head coach Jen Greeny as the team gets ready to bounce back from a tough 2014 campaign. Plus Ask Michael Anything and Dunderhead of the Week.


2013 CougCenter Podcast, Episode 14: Where will WSU see players called in the NFL Draft?

We sit down with Mike Luchene from to discuss where Travis Long, Jeff Tuel and Marquess Wilson will go in the NFL Draft. How far one has fallen off the draft boards may surprise you as well.


2013 CougCenter Podcast, Episode 12: Can Apodaca ever start at WSU?

We explore whether Austin Apodaca will ever get a chance to be the starting quarterback at Washington State given the seniority ahead of him. Brian Anderson will tell us why Halliday needs to do to hold on to the starting job. Mark Sandritter also stops by to explore the scholarship situation as we head towards the end of spring football.

2013 CougCenter Podcast, Episode 11: A WSU football talk with Bill Connelly

Before we got to once every other week, we have a great talk with SB Nation’s Bill Connelly. One of the foremost authorities on advanced football statistics gives you a great primer on said stats and takes a look back at WSU’s previous season.

2013 CougCenter Podcast, Episode 10: Should the Pac-12 Tournament have moved?

We discuss the end to the Washington State men’s basketball season and whether it was a wise decision to move the conference tournament to city without a Pac-12 team.

2013 CougCenter Podcast, Episode 9: On rushing the floor

No guest this week but plenty to go over including what we’d like to see from the Cougars over the last two games of the season and why, with rare exception, it’s always acceptable to rush the court.

2013 CougCenter Podcast Episode 8: Christian Caple talks roundball

We sit down with the best beat writer in the business, Christian Caple of the Spokesman-Review, to talk a little Cougar basketball, Pac-12 basketball and we even work some football in there. And in Ask Michael Anything, I finally answer the age old question: why do you put mayo on a hot dog?